• NBC’s “AD” Episode 5 Review

    Turn him in Peter! Turn! Him! In!! I was shouting that at my computer Monday afternoon as I was catching episode 5 of A.D. – the Bible Continues. Peter had approached Boaz, whom he now knew to be a murderer. Last week Boaz was suspect, this week his guilt has …

    A.D. The Bible Continues- Season 1
  • To Tell the Story a new Blog Series

      We all tell stories… in this first podcast of To Tell the Story, Luke Italiano introduces us to what the series will do.  Come, and relive the true, true story of what God has done for you.  Click here for a printable PDF of this week’s edition of To Tell …

  • Set Your Eyes an Animation

    Another amazing animation based on Numbers 21:4-9 from artist Chris Powers. “Set Your Eyes” by Jonathan and Emily Martin. Lyrics and chords can be found here. For more resources, check out Chris’ blog.

    2014-08-04 15.48.47
  • Daily Bread Lectionary Devotions

    Scroll down to see the full list of Daily Bread Lectionary Devotions outlined by season of the church year. Check back each week for a new Daily Bread Lectionary Devotion, which will be posted as a two page printable PDF. You can either use the PDF digitally or better yet, …

  • A Hallelujah Christmas performed by Cloverton

    About the Song This is not your typical version of the well-known song originally written and performed by Leonard Cohen. Covered hundreds of times by artists of many genre, this version of Hallelujah tells the story of our Savior’s birth in lyrical fashion. Yes, the line about “the wise men three” is probably not …


Rejoice Always

Our earthly lives are busy and stressful. Life has a way of pushing us into extremes like despair or self-centered pride, fear …

Man on laptop

My Faith and My Job

Kim Davis is no longer in jail, but she’s still fighting for the right to use her county clerk position as a …

father abraham

Teaching Children about Abraham

We started our lessons on Abraham last week. That always means singing the “Father Abraham” song in my classroom. I have fond …