• The History of Redemption

    The Bible is more than just a collection of stories; it is God’s personal revelation to his creation… It’s the story of covenantal love that failed to be extinguished even by our insidious rebellion. Great sinners redeemed by a  great Savior. It’s the story of God rescuing his children from the clutches …

  • To Tell the Story a new Blog Series

      We all tell stories… in this first podcast of To Tell the Story, Luke Italiano introduces us to what the series will do.  Come, and relive the true, true story of what God has done for you.  Click here for a printable PDF of this week’s edition of To Tell …

  • Psalm 23 performed by James Phillipps

    James Phillipps – Psalm 23 from FlyFeNniX on Vimeo. Music by: James Phillipps Directed by: Ces Peynetti / Dave Tuck Produced by: FlyFeNniX Productions / TMC’s CMD Edited by: Ces Peynetti / Micah Brown P.As.: Ryan Devlin, Micah Brown Track Recorded by: Kevin Ford. More about this video at www.flyfennix.com

    Psalm 23
  • “Noah”–The Bible on The Bible Screen

    Four Lutheran pastors from the Puget Sound area, along with two of their wives, went to see the film on its opening day. Afterwards we sat down around a meal and shared our impressions. Some of us were more impressed with the movie, some were less. All of us had …

  • 3 Minutes in the Desert with Jesus

    I, like many pastors (and Christians in general), was not always impressed or pleased by what the History Channel producers of last spring’s The Bible Miniseries did with each story and every character. However, as my congregation is quickly becoming aware (due to me repeatedly bringing it up in worship …

    Jesus Strides Toward Satan
  • Shine into Our Night by Sovereign Grace

    Shine Into Our Night from Sovereign Grace Ministries on Vimeo. Perhaps an Epiphany appropriate hymn with some great darkness and light themes. What do you think? Positives and negatives? Free sheet music and scores. Lyrics: Shine into Our Night VERSE 1 We are not what we should be We haven’t …

    Shine Into Our Night.2
  • Daily Bread Lectionary Devotions

    Scroll down to see the full list of Daily Bread Lectionary Devotions outlined by season of the church year. Check back each week for a new Daily Bread Lectionary Devotion, which will be posted as a two page printable PDF. You can either use the PDF digitally or better yet, …

Children of the heavenly father

Children of the Heavenly Father

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) Children’s Choir singing  “Children of the Heavenly Father” at the 2014 WELS Worship Conference, Kenosha, WI. Conducted …


Waking Up

This week’s story is based on Luke 7:11-17. Click here for a printable PDF of this week’s edition of To Tell the …