On his death bed, Martin Luther is said to have scribbled on a piece of paper, “Wir sind bettler. Das ist wahr.” “We are all beggars. This is true.” He also once said, “We are all mere beggars showing other beggars where to find bread.” In his book, When Being Good Isn’t Good Enough, Steve Brown picks up on Luther’s thought and writes that in his role as pastor “he is just a beggar telling others where [he] found bread… and this beggar is still sometimes hungry but he, at least, knows where the bread is.”

We are indeed spiritual beggars. We come to the cross with nothing in our hands, seeking only what God has to give.

The mission and purpose of the Bread for Beggars blog is to share Christ centered devotional media with God’s people who desire to be fed and nourished by him on a daily basis.

Bread for Beggars is a blog of spiritually hungry beggars who have the bread of life and wish to share. The contents of the posts will vary. Some will be devotions written by the bloggers, but most will be devotions, sermons, music and visual arts that have been produced by other Christians.

Eat. Digest. Grow. Share.

Our Mission: Under God’s direction and blessing, Bread for Beggars will be a resource used throughout the world to feed souls with the saving message of Christ through the use of multimedia.

Our Objectives: Bread for Beggars is a group of men and women, who having been convinced that the internet is both a viable and valuable means to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, have joined together to gather, evaluate, share, produce, and encourage the production of high quality multi-media Bread for Beggars intends to carry out four primary functions:

  • Gathering and evaluating—high quality Christ centered multi-media.
  • Sharing—high quality Christ centered multi-media.
  • Producing—high quality Christ centered multi-media.
  • Encouraging—the production and distribution of high quality Christ centered multi-media.

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