Thanksgiving Prayer


Lord, open wide my self-closed eyes
And shield my heart from Satan’s lies.
Make me see your gifts galore
Appreciate them each much more.
May I give thanks for all you give.
Without your grace I could not live.
Turn me from all brooding fear.
Remind me why my heart can cheer.
Make me grateful for your grace.
May I daily seek your face
To humbly bow my knee to you
And honor you for all you do.
Every challenge, every joy;
Things that thrill, and that annoy;
Things that please and satisfy;
Things I need to get me by;
Every moment of every day;
Every experience along my way—
Myriad gifts you give to me
Countless gifts that I can see
And millions more, I’ll never know
Each one you give to make me grow
To send me out to tell your news
To be a person you can use.
O make me ever more aware
Of all your blessings, all your care
Of all the people throughout my days
Who hold me up and help me praise
Each one provides an opportunity
To reflect the love you’ve given me.
And most of all, my words fall lost
When I consider all it cost
For you to take your wrath from me
When you suffered hell for humanity
Forgiveness sweet forever mine
Joys that last for all of time
Thank you, Thank you gracious King
I am yours, you are my everything.

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